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Cost of Tumescent Lipo

Variables determining the Cost

There are many variables that determine the cost of a tumescent liposuction procedure. The surgeon's skill level, experience and level of training influence the price. The geographical location of the surgeon and the clinic/rural versus larger towns/cities, the amount of the competition in the area also plays a role. The patient's physical size determines how much fat will be removed, how much tumescent fluid is needed and other equipment and supplies for the surgery. The facility/clinic fees are important, as inpatient versus outpatient procedures determine supplies needed, hospital stays, and other factors. The amount of time needed to perform the surgery influences costs, as time is money. The number of areas on the body that are to be treated as well as the costs for each area factor into the overall charges. Fees for anesthesia and/or the anesthesiologist's services vary, and these affect the bottom line. Preoperative laboratory fees are another form of charges to the total bill. Costs increase when there are multiple procedures or areas of the body worked on for the same person. Other related expenses prescribed medications, compression garments add to the total costs.

Listed below is a table of the average cost of tumescent liposuction procedures, broken down by the body part. Note that the prices are based on factors listed above. (Prices are listed in U.S. dollars.)

Body Part

Average Liposuction Cost

Upper Abdomen


Lower Abdomen






Back (Female)


Back (Male)


Chin, Neck, Jowls






Price list table - average prices by body area treated (USA)

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